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(සිංහල පිටපත)

Hanthana project is always looking to expand our community and we warmly welcome your contributions.

You don't need to be and expert in Linux or computers in general in order to contribute to the Hanthana project. Merely spreading the word about Hanthana is a valuable contribution.

See below for the details about the areas you can contribute to:


Use & Test Hanthana Linux

By using Hanthana Linux and discussing any problems you face while using it with the community, you can help us improve the quality of product and support we provide.

You can also make suggestions to improve Hanthana Linux.

Help others to use Hanthana Linux

Power of an open-source projects comes from it's community, We help each other to get over the problems we face thus enhancing our knowledge and quality of the project. You can participate on our forums listed below and assist others and get help yourself.

Event if you solved something on your own you can post about your achievement.

Be a Hanthana Linux Distributor

We welcome volunteers from around the country to distribute CD/DVD media of the Hanthana Linux operating system to the people without the facility to obtain it over the Internet.

You can join our distributor network by sending you information (Name, Areas you can distribute to, Phone number, Email address) to iso [at] hanthana [dot] org. We will be listing your details on our web site, if you do not wish to show your phone number or email address please let us know.

Promote Hanthana Linux

There are many ways to you can carry the message of "Hanthana Linux" out into the world.

Word of mouth

Spread the word among your friends and family about the Hanthana Linux and talk about it in your School and work place.

You can introduce new people into Hanthana Linux and let them know how to get it and install on their computers.

Blogging and Social networking

Write articles about Hanthana Linux on your blog and share them on the social networks (Facebook, Twitter, G+, etc.).

Share information about Hanthana Linux events on the social networks.

Write to News Papers and Magazines

Write articles about Hanthana Linux to national news papers and magazines and/or newspapers and magazines in your School.

Organize workshops and meet-ups

You can organize workshops, install fests and meet-ups in your school, work place or local community to introduce Hanthana Linux and free software in general. Hanthana Linux team will provide speakers and resource personnel for you.

IMPORTANT: Please notify the Hanthana Linux team before conducting such an event on behalf of Hanthana Linux.

Create documentation

We are in the process of updating our Wiki. You can write technical articles on various aspects of Linux system or write HOWTO articles from your experience.

You can also help editing existing articles and to translate them.

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